Home  Visits

We offer home visits of specialist doctors. Our team includes, for instance, general practioners, internal medicne specialists, paediatrcians, suregeons and other specialiss. Home visits in Krakow.

Ultrasound examination at home

We have state-of-the-art, portable ultrasound unit with which we can examine all organs of the body anywhere. Ultrasound examination at home Krakow

ECG examination at home

Medicus Private Practice performs home ECG examinations in Krakow, Cardilogists working for “Medicus” use very precise eletrocardiolographs.


We offer 24-or 48-hour Holter ECG and blood pressure monitoring. Holter Krakow. Because of the small size of monitor, the examination does not limit patient activity.

Body detoxification

We offer alcohol and drug detoxification in Krakow. Usually at the patient’s home; on request, also at our physicians’ offices.


Our team of experienced physicians will help you quickly and effectively get rid of viral infections and their symptoms.