Internal medicine



Do you supper from flu, allergy, food poisoning or experience any chest pain? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can be attended by top-notch English-speaking medical professionals, either at home, at work or in your hotel. You can rely on our prompt diagnosis and effective treatment. Dial the number +48 691-436-963

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About Us

Medicus Specialist Outpatient Clinic was established in 1990 and, since the very beginning, its purpose has been to offer home visits to patients in Krakow and its vicinity.

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Quick Help For You

You will be provided with prompt assistance of a variety of Medicus specialists, including:  internist,  neurologist,  otolaryngologist,  cardiologist,  psychiatrist, ophthalmologist, general surgeons, vascular and gastrointesinal surgeons, urologists, orthopaedists,  endocrinologist,  dermatologist, diagnostic imaging specialist,  nephrologist.

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